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What is internet marketing it is simple the process of selling other people

products for a commission online.Or a situation where the an affiliate that

is the one who is willing to promote product with a commission comes in

contact with a merchant that is the owner of the product to come to an

agreement that a certain amount of commission will be paid to the

merchant should he or she make a sales in the cause of promoting the

product online.Internet marketer  normally build a website around the

niche or topic in which they are willing to promote online for a

commission.Internet marketing normally

involve coming out with your own idea and business which you are willing

to do and promote.If you want to make money online through internet

marketing they are 4 major areas that every internet marketer engages

himself in in other to make money online.The first one is through building a

membership site.Membership site is simple is instead of selling a particular

products to some one you can set up a membership site where the person

pays monthly membership fee for the services provided.It is lucrative deal

which most internet marketers engaged themselves in.

2.Selling an ebooks is another way a person can make profit from it.Ebooks

always have a bigger seller online no matter what people says.It worth

more to sell ebooks online to make money than any other thing.If you want

a resource to educate your self more about ebooks visit

3.Affiliate programs:Affiliate program are a great way to make money

online by promoting other peoples products.who are knowns as merchants

and make a commission through their products should you makes a sale.The

only processes involve is how you can drive massive traffic to the website

in other to make a sales by using different marketing strategies and

plans.The biggest advantages of being an affiliate is hat you need not own

the product and you can make a massive commission by promoting such


4.Finally, start an ebooks:An online ebook stores is basically a websites that

sells an ebooks whiles conventional websites usually sell one ebooks you

can start your own ebook stores in three different ways:

1.Write your own ebooks and sell them online

2.Buy a reseller rights to other people ebooks

3.simple promote your own ebooks or other people ebooks basically by

becoming an affilaite of those websites.


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