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What every body should know about simple car maintenance guide

What every body should know about simple car maintenance guide

Sometime when your car appearance sometimes determined your

personality.When your car look nice you begin to see a lot of praises from

the society likewise, when your car look ugly you may received some

condemnation from people.Owning a car is kind of prestige among all

classes of people. Becasue of that many people are wiling to sacrificed a lot

of resources to buy the most expensive car in the the automotive

world there is a kind of relationship between wealthy and cars the wealthy

you are you are more capable of buying the most expensive cars Currently

as you

know the most expensive cars today are been owned by celebrities like

hollywood actress, Technology giant company chief executive officers and

all kind of celebrities in our societies.Owing an expensive cars is a prestige

and there is a lot of respect attached to it when you owns some expensive

cars and that is why most celebrity would love to own the most expensive

cars in our time.

But however, owning the most expensive cars comes with a lot

responsibilities especially when you like your car to look new all the

time.there are many different brands of cars like mitsubishi evo,

BMW335i,e92, mercedes hybrid,Nissan Almera,audi, renault grand

scenic,nissan pulsar,honda prelude,nissan iq,chrysler crossfire and many

brands of cars and each comes with different price  and cost.However car

maintenance is very important and the following are some of the car


Step 1: Washing
First, spray water gently to thoroughly wet the surface of the vehicle. This

light rinse helps to loosen the dirt on the vehicle. Then divide your car into

five sections: the top, the hood, the trunk, the right side and the left side.

Start from the top, move on to the hood and the trunk, and then concentrate on the right side and the left side. Washing should always be done very

gentle such that the dirt will not scratch the body of your car. Re-wet and

then rinse each section, finishing in the same order- top, hood, trunk and

sides.It is very important to note that dividing the car into sections allows

you to do proper cleaning without causing a lot of mess and also to ensure

that the right thing are done and done well.When you are washing make

sure you wash the car well to ensure that every bit of dirt is remove and

also it is very important to note that when cleaning the car especially the

white car you must ensure that all traces of dirt are removed well and also

try to  to ensure that there are no traces of scratches on the car that may

cause  w hole lot of discomfort especially when it is a white car

Step 2: Polishing
Polishing should only be done a small section at a time. Add an even coating

of polish onto a towel, and then apply to the vehicle surface gently in small,

even and circular motions. Start at the top and working your way down to

the trunk and hood, finally ending with the sides. The polish should be

allowed to sit on the paint surfaces for at least five to ten minutes. After this

time, remove the residue with a different cotton towel by pressing firmly on

the surfaces. The same procedure may be applied to all other four

sections.Polishing a car is very important because it make your car look

fresh and very nice all the time without any dirt and it alos make your car

look new all the time.

Step 3: Waxing
Use a soft and clean terry cloth towel to apply wax to a small section of the

car. The application of wax to the car can be done similar to how polishing

has been carried out. The only difference is you should wait until the wax

has dried to a slight haze. If you’re really striving, repeat the whole process

again, adding a second coat of wax to the vehicle.

Hence it most be noted washing, polishing and waxing are the most

common method of taking care of our cares but it must be well be noted

that washing is the common method of cleaning our cars here in Africa and

mostly the washing is done with the use of manual machines which is very

lucrative business for most businesses now as days when they wash people

cars they are paid for their services been rendered to them however the

waxing and the polishing is also there but not as common as the

washing.hence when you want to clean your car it is good to choose the

washing since it is the commonest type of washing we do have.


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