Website Reviews: What To Look For In Reviewing A Website

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19 November, 2017
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19 November, 2017

Website Reviews: What To Look For In Reviewing A Website

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Doing site surveys can be fun and it can even be simple. I for the most part discover it sits back with a glass of taxi sav in one hand and a cheddar bread in the other, and begin by summing up the site after you have had a decent look through it…


Snatch your peruser’s consideration by plotting a fascinating part of the site. This can be about the capacity of the site, somewhat about the history or what initially pulled in/repelled you when you saw it and why.


“When I saw the scrumptious chocolate cake picture on the Hillington’s site, I craved dashing down to the market with the web formula.”

Next, put forth a general expression with respect to the general position of the site in the online group.


“Sportz is a little retail site principally focused to individuals who play tennis or go wilderness boating. Since this envelops 20% of the Geocities online group, the site fits exceptionally well in the Geocities family.”


On the off chance that you recognize what a logo is, at that point you have presumably observed marking a huge number of times.

When I was doing web surveys, I discovered most sites are inadequate in mark. Marking is a method for outlining that implies you can tell which organization/association it is simply by taking a gander at the thing. It considers “corporate marking” where you can perceive McDonalds just by observing the specific brilliant “M”. After some time, clients come to perceive an association’s logo and hues. A site may have a logo, coordinating corporate hues and even a coordinating text style. In the event that a logo and the other site hues conflict, they are not marked and won’t help individuals to relate to the organization. Effective sites have the logo and site coordinating in a skilful and alluring way, (for example, an orange and naval force blue logo having a white and naval force blue foundation).

There is one case in that demonstrates a site that necessities marking.

Route/Loading Time

Is the site simple or difficult to explore?

You can find this when you initially take a gander at the site and check whether it is anything but difficult to discover the catches that enable you to move from page to page.

Are the menus or records simple to peruse and find?

Does the site spill out of left to ideal (as the English dialect does) or in the event that it doesn’t, is it still compelling and lucid?

Does the site stack up rapidly or not?

(Generally, moderate stacking sites pester perusers and can be the aftereffect of enormous pictures that have not been streamlined appropriately for the web. Moderate stacking can likewise be because of Flash or extensive bits of code that have not been improved.)

Is the site straightforward looking or muddled?

(This can add to issues finding the correct catches to press and henceforth, issues exploring)


Does the site resemble another site you have seen, or does it have its very own flavor?

(A few sites can seem to be comparative since they utilize a similar publicizing or outline. The better than average sites have a remarkable appearance that does not utilize a considerable measure of promoting. The superb sites are the ones you recall with affection).

What is the primary thing you see when you take a gander at the page?

(For instance, a site may have a black out foundation and a splendid logo. This implies the logo is intended to emerge and be recollected.)

What parts of the outline help/upset the message?

(For instance, an excessive amount of promoting can kill a peruser before they have even perused the critical bits)

Is the plan suited to what the site is intended to do?

(For instance, a site gave to skiing would not look great in pink)

Coding and Programming

It helps on the off chance that you can give an extremely short depiction of the sort of coding that may have been utilized to outline the site (eg, HTML, Javascript, Flash, PHP, databases or shopping baskets, and so on) A specify of extra specialized plan may give more profundity to the survey, (for example, regardless of whether the edges showed all the data effectively and so on). Be that as it may, on the off chance that you don’t know much about coding, you can simply avoid this subject.


Do you think the site is fruitful/unsuccessful and why?

Do you think the site is focused to the correct group of onlookers?

(eg, on the off chance that it is intended to be for kids, does it resemble a youngsters’ site?)

Would you prescribe the another person to survey the site?

What might influence you to return to the site?

What rating would you give the site?

A staggering decision dependably closes with a comical remark.


“This site is so exciting, so covered with stars and sparkle, that if Elvis was alive I don’t question he would write his verses in the discussions with his fans at this moment!”

Or, then again

“This site is bad to the point that in the event that it were printed I would utilize the back of it to compose my shopping list on.

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