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Professional Driving For Matured Driver:Tips and advantages .

Tips on professional driving for matured Drivers

Some times safety on our roads is an important thing to considered as

matured driver  especially in the automotive industry because it must be taken serious as a matured

driver.Further more in our today world road accident do occurred a lot and

some times a person might asked him self why the issues of road accident is

still high on our roads despite many drivers may claimed that they have

passed through all driving schools and in automotive world  and they are professional and yet the

rate at which road accident is still high. Some countries in Europe and

America you could be fine heavy when you found to be driving reckless on

the road whilst in some Africa countries punishment for poor driving is not

always deterrent enough to prevent people from future careless driving.By

in my opinion a lot of punitive measures should be putting enough to deter

people from driving careless during both day and night time for

instance.For instance in the case of Egypt have the highest road accident in

Africa , Nigeria also is also few Africa countries with high accident rate in

Africa.Ghana also have a lot of road accident in recent times in the country.

The question now is why reported case of road accident is always high in

among the African countries and low among the European countries is it

because the road safety regulations in this European countries are always

better than that of the African countries.

Reasons for wanting to be an professional  driver

1.People want to master courage to drive and also to be confident in

themselves whilst driving.Once you become a professional driver your

motivation becomes high and you can drive in excellent and good manner

hence the rate at which you will drive carelessly on the road is very slim.

A young or first time driver may want gain more driving experience and

cut down car insurance rates
2.Professional driver you have deep knowledge about road signs in other

not involved yourself in an accident for instance in some driving institution

they make sure that they make you go through the advance learning of all

road signs and you therefore becomes  mastered in the road signs and


Advantages of being an Professional young driver

Professional  driving lessons are very beneficial to all drivers, but may be

especially useful for young drivers.

Experience – find out how to deal with many tricky situations that you may

encounter while on the road. These may include learning how to drive in

extreme weather conditions and preparation for how to deal with road

accidents.When you are  professional driver experience they say is the

mother of invention as professional driver you can withstand all kind

weather situations when driving in case of severe weather conditions , or a

situation were there is typhoon that is a strong wind that normal blow

strongly during a winter and your ability of engaging in an accident is

always slim.

Confidence – learn how to become a more self-assured driver. Professional

driver once you are professional driver your family and friends are always

confidence in you when you are driving.The high reported cases of road

accidents on our roads is as a results of less experienced in driving and lack

of people ability to stay focus when driving. Once you are professional

driver people begin to have confident in you and your driving abilities and

are willing to board your vehicle at any point in time.

Skills – Skills a professional driver would gain is different from the one who

is not a professional driver for instance the skills to control the movement

of car and also to control himself in a period when the person is in

dangerous position is always different.driver can control accident at a

higher percentage than the one who is not a professional driver.

Safety – new drivers are often unaware of just how many dangers there are

out on the road and drivers are more likely to have an accident during the

first two years that they begin to drive due to lack of experience. However a

professional driver is always professional and exceptional any time he is

driving and his ability to control any accident or any accident to occur is

always high.

Money saving – although you will have to pay the initial costs of your

advanced driving course you could end up saving more on your young

driver car insurance than you spend on tuition. By being more aware of

road accident hazards you may also save the extra costs that having a road

accident can bring such as vehicle repair, car hire, and a raise in your car

insurance rates.When you professional driver you could be saving a lot of

money because assuming you are less professional driver and engaged in

an accident the cost that you would incurred than when you are

professional and you drive safely the money that you would saved.Survey

conducted revealed that most accident occurred because the driver might

be professional driver or simple does not follow road safety regulations and

hence they easily engaged in an accident.Hence professional driving would

help solved accident issues and also help the organization to save more and aslso it is very important to note that in the automotive world being experience in driving is very important in the development of automotive industry and also for growth and enhance development.



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