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Free And Low Cost Offline Methods To Generate Traffic And Promote Your Home Based Business or blog

Free And Low Cost Offline Methods To Generate Traffic And Promote Your

Free And Low Cost Offline Methods To Generate Traffic And Promote Your

Home Based Business or blog

Some times it is very important to take blogging serious if you are indeed


want to take it as a business and also it is very important to learn the all the


blogging tips and to know how to go about it and also it is very important to


avoid some common blogging mistakes when blogging like duplicating


other people contents and also it is very important to visit various blogging


platforms to learn secrets about blogging if indeed you really want to


succeed and enjoy the fruits of blogging even though at the initial stage you


may be facing a lot of challenges in your blogging career but never give up


and persist till you succeed with your blogging and it therefore important to


learn all the blogging steps you need to know if you really want to succeed


in the world of blogging as you know many people across the world has


taken blogging as a part time or full time business in other to get what they


need in life without facing much challenges it is therefore important to take


blogging serious if indeed you really want to succeed in life


A major concern of all Home Based Business Entrepreneurs is to get Traffic


to their websites. Most

entrepreneurs endeavor to promote their business online but, unless the


website is ranked high in the

major search engines, traffic will be hard to come by. This problem becomes

more frustrating and


demoralizing especially if you are new to Internet Marketing and with a


low marketing budget.

Promoting your Internet Business Offline is a great way of getting over this

problem and at the same time creating an image for yourself and your

Home Based Business.

Given below are Popular, Free and Inexpensive Offline methods that I have

successfully tried out and can

be followed by most entrepreneurs in promoting their businesses Offline.

Word of Mouth:
Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising your business. Pass the word around about your Home

Business and your website. Let your friends, acquaintances, kith and kin get to know about it. It will

not surprise me if you come across a few people who are prepared to go out

of the way and help you in

your efforts.

Jeff Bezos the founder of and one of the most successful

entrepreneurs of the Internet

Marketing era places great importance to this mode of promotion, and he

should know. He says “If you do

build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of

mouth is very powerful”

Business Cards:
Many entrepreneurs and especially those who are new to business do not

realize the importance,

significance and effectiveness of a business card. The card projects your

business image and

credibility. Seize the opportunity and pass the card on to friends and

acquaintances at parties,

seminars, conferences, clubs and other functions. A place to get started is

Vistaprint who will supply you I00 cards free of charge if you contact them.

An inexpensive method of promoting your Home Business Offline is by

distributing Flyers. This can be produced by you in the computer. Provide

all the details of your home business and your URL as briefly as possible.

This can be distributed door to door with the help of your family members.

They can also be placed at community centers, bulletin boards, libraries,

malls, super markets and other places where people gather.

A well designed brochure always captures the attention of people. This too

can be done in the computer. If you are unable to design it yourself there

are several sites in the internet that will help you design one yourself. One

such site is Once it is ready, place them in

clubs, bars, supermarkets and libraries.
Another inexpensive way of promoting your internet business Offline is to

place bumper stickers or magnetic signs on your vehicles. Have your

website address, phone number and URL displayed clearly. This is a sure

way of getting your website noticed by hundreds or even thousands of

people everyday. Your friends could also assist you in this endeavor. Give

them some of your products free as an incentive.

Classified Ads and Write up:
Placing Classified Ads in the local newspapers is a great way of promoting

your Home Business and they do not cost much either. Place a few ads on a

regular basis and then request the editor to give your Home Business a

small write up in the newspaper. Editors are always on the look out for

news and if you are lucky your request will be granted. This will without

doubt give your Home Business a great boost.

Novelties and Promotional Items:

Everyone loves free gifts. Items such as pens, key chains, coffee mugs and

fridge magnets are popular and inexpensive gift items. Imprint your

business name and URL on these items and distribute them at conferences,

seminars and community meetings.

Promoting your Home Based Business Offline requires a certain amount of

Effort, Public Relate


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