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9 Steps to Choosing the cool car

9 Steps to Choosing the cool car

Step #1 : What Kind of car Do You Need?

Answer the following questions to assist you decide which kind of vehicle is

right for you:

How many people will you be transporting?

How long is your journey?

What kind of gas mileage do you expect?

What situations will you be driving in?

Which safety measures have you put in place?

What size of vehicle do you want?]

Do you want an automatic or manual transmission?

Step #2 : How Much Can You Afford to Spend?

In order to distinguish the range of vehicles, you must decide how much

you can spend. Remember to take into consideration additional expenses

such as title, tax, registration, insurance, and other costs. In most cases

when you are going to pay the car , it is best to get preapproved so that you

will know how much you can spend. Other questions to ask yourself are:

How much can you put down as a down payment?

How much can you afford to pay in monthly payments?

Step #3 : Will You Buy the Vehicle or Lease It?

Deciding on whether to buy or lease your car is an important decision. If

you plan on keeping the vehicle once it is paid off, then you will want to buy

the car . On the other hand, if you just wish to drive the vehicle and not

obtain ownership, then you may want to just lease the vehicle. Normally the

price for leasing a vehicle is considerably less than buying the vehicle, since

you are just leasing the right to drive it.

Step #4 : Decide on Which Vehicles You Wish to Consider

This is the time when you want to pick out the makes and models of the

vehicles you are considering. By answering the questions listed in step #1,

you should have some idea of which car you wish to consider.

Step #5 : Find the car

Visit visit good automative company to find the right vehicles you are love

most . Be sure to choose the correct distance, price, and year of the vehicles

you are interested in.

Step #6 : Research the car

Compare the prices of similar cars. Use our website to find other car that

may not be within the distance you selected, but have the same options you

selected. Use the articles under the research section to find additional

information to help assist you in your decision.

Step #7 : Find the Market Value of the car

Use the market value tools at to find the market value of the car you are

considering. By finding the market value, you can use that to your

advantage in negotiating the price.

Step #8 : Schedule a Test Drive

Contact the purhaser and schedule a test drive. When taking the car for a

test drive, be sure to take the vehicle into different driving situations . The

Interstate or Downtown are two places in which you may want to drive the

car . Also be sure to listen for vibrations or noises caused by the vehicle

while driving.

Step #9 : Negotiate the Price

Inspect the vehicle to ascertain if you can find any additional elements that

you can use in your negotiations. Small problems can serve to your

advantage when they are presented. Take into consideration any faults you

may have found while driving or inspecting the vehicle, and the total cost of

the vehicle when deciding on a price. Don’t jump the gun with your offer.

Give the seller time to consider the fact that you may not be too interested

in the vehicle and the seller may lower the price in hopes of closing the


The above articles is therefore an important steps to choosing the right car

when making any purchasing decisions


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