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7 Things to Know when Renting a Car

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7 Things to Know when Renting a Car

1- It is wise to shop around when looking for to rent a car. Always find at least three rental car companies to compare, although more will be good. Be sure to ask all the companies the same questions to get the most exact answers. Most rental car companies will have websites online to find simple information, but it is best to call as local branches may have deals that are not market online.

2- When you phone , be sure to ask about price, vehicle availability, as well as any specials that the branch has to offer. It is worth noting here, that many of these companies will have special arrangements with hotels, airlines or even warehouse stores.

3- You will want to ask about any special instructions that are required of you while renting the car, for example, filling up the gas tank or pick up and drop off times. Not adhering to these policies can result in fees.

4- Many companies that will rent a car to you will also be welcomely to either deliver the car to you or pick you up and take you to your rental. This service may require a fee, but can be worth asking about if you are flying to your destination.

5- The rental company may offer you insurance to buy , however, your personal auto insurance may be all you need in the event of an accident with a rental car. phone your auto insurance agent and ask before paying extra at the rental counter.

6- There are a number of choices that are open to you when renting a car. Each class of car will change in price and gas mileage; consider this when making your plan. While many companies may be willing to upgrade you, this is not always the case. It is wise to decide the car you want and hope for an upgrade than to reserve less of a car and be frustrated when an upgrade is not offered.

7- Have a credit or debit card handy to reserve the rental car with, most companies will only guarantee a car with this assurance.

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