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7 Reasons Why You Should Take Control And Be Your Own Boss as blogger

7 Reasons Why You Should Take Control And Be Your Own Boss as

blogger.Sometimes blogging could lucrative and sometimes can be very

difficult if the necessary measures are not taken in place to ensure that

right thing are done in other to become a successful blogger.Especially in

our current world were every one is struggling to pay their bills and there

is no jobs and perhaps taking on blogging job is the right thing to do if only

you want to succeed as a business minded person.

In many countries like Pakistan and India taking up blogging is very easy

because of what the government in this countries have done in ensuring

that information Technology is easily accessible to its citizens in this

countries and perhaps many citizens in this country have taken blogging as

a serious business in their perspective country.When you relate the same

case in the countries in Africa this is not the same because some African

countries have paid much attentions to the Information Technology whilst

some have paid less attention country like Tanzania, South Africa and

country like Ghana government in this countries have actually paid much

attentions to the information Technology and hence many youth in this

countries have paid much attention to the blogging business and hence they

are making a living out of it and maintains blogging as second source of

income for these citizens in that country. because of how government in

this countries paid attention to information Technology. Without much i do

let look at what you should take control and be your own boss as a blogger.

1. No More Alarm clocks .Sometimes as a person you are regulated to report

at ta particular time in the work place and hence you are made to report to

work early and hence you do not have much time  to do whatever you want

do as a person and hence you always face some challenges when you report

to work late you may be penalized for coming to work late but with your

blogging  business you can attend to work at any time you wish.

2. No more unreachable targets:Whe you are blogger you are not force to

meet some targets you can work at any time you wish and you are not

required to report to any person or meet any market target at a particular

time because you are now your own boss and you are not pressured to

meet any target.

3. No more unnecessary  meetings:Sometimes when you are working under

some body or under any organization you obliged to get to a meeting at a

particular time period but however when you are your own boss by

becoming a blogger you are not obliged to attend unnecessary meetings and

perhaps you always have free time to do what you want to do.

4. You can now decide the particular time to go for your vacation either in a

weeks, months or years :When you are a blogger you can decide a

particular time for a holiday but however when you are not you can not

decide a holiday for yourself because you are either working under your

manager and he may restrict you from attending a holiday at your free will

5.Job security is assured ’.Sometime job security is an issue because when

you working with somebody at any point in time you may fired from your

work place however when you become  a blogger you can decide not go to

work o and you are not bothered and you can have a free will to decide

when and how to pay yourself

6. No more ‘Forced Labor ”:There is no force labor a blogging because you

decide your time when and how to work and you can decide your work

schedules to meet your desired goals or objective.Some work places you are

forced to work for long time whilst with other you are been restricted and

that is not the case with regard to blogging with blogging you plan and

decide when to work to achieved your desired goals and objectives.

7. No more longer hours for lesser money:Sometimes in some particular

work you have to work for very long time and before you can be paid

however with your blogging business you can work less and earn more

depending on how patience you are when it comes to working with your

business and there is flexibility and also you can decide when you report to

work and when not report to work  you have your freedom to do any thing

you like without and restrictions or obligations.’

your own boss, there is no limit to what you can achieve and earn.

Take control!

You can have your own business, be your own boss and at the same time

work your old job for your existing

boss. Using your existing job to fund and support the ‘Learning Stage’ of

your new business, will enable

you to build slowly and correctly without the pressure of your new business

being your only source of income.

There is a lot to learn, when you start your own business.

1.You need to learn about the business you chose. I.e. MLM, internet

Marketing, Affiliate Marketing,

Internet MLM, etc, etc. 2.How much time are you going to put by each week

for your new business? 3.How

much money are you going to invest? 4.You need to study and learn about

the products or services you are

going to sell or provide. 5.Make sure you, read, watch and listen to as much

information as you can about

your new business. 6.You will have to deal with friends and family telling

you that you have made a

mistake and that you should stick with what you know. 7.Does your new

business operate by, face to face,

telephone, direct mail, online, or indeed all of the above. 8.You need to set

goals and targets and if

you don’t make them you can tell yourself off. 9.NEVER QUIT! You must

persevere, if you REALLY want to

succeed, you WILL. 10. There is know one to answer to, just you, so you will, from time to time need to

have a word with yourself. You will probably start talking to yourself quite

a bit, well I do anyway!

All successful people have one thing in common, they NEVER QUIT.

Remember the Zig Ziglar saying, ‘The major difference between the big shot

and the little shot is the big shot is just a little shot who kept on shooting.’

Having your own business and being your own boss isn’t for everyone.

Indeed, some people are happy having other people take control of their lives.

This sort of person would not be reading this now, they would have long gone.

If you are reading this article you probably are the sort of person that

wants to take control, the sort of person that has the ‘Entrepreneurial flair’,

the sort of person that has the passion, enthusiasm, vision, effort and focus to live the life of your dreams.

If you are this type of person I wish you all the luck in the world, you just

have to believe you can do it, sometimes it’s hard and you will want to quit, DO NOT QUIT.

Jack Dempsey, the world famous boxer said, ‘A champion is someone who

gets up even when they can’t’.

How great would it feel if you went to your existing boss in six months time

and said, ‘I’m earning more at my part time job than I am at my full time

job, I simply cannot afford to work for you anymore, GOOD BYE!’


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