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7 Headline Writing ideas That Will Instantly Boost Your Advertising Response Rates when blogging

7 Headline Writing ideas That Will Instantly Boost Your Advertising Response Rates when blogging

As you know now a day there is high unemployment in the developing

world and because of that many people in the recent days have taken

blogging as business serious in other to see whether they can succeed in the

business they want to do and hence blogging for money is very important

and as you know many people adopt simple blogging apps to enhance their

learning and understanding of blogging other goes through blogging

courses to understand the whole ideas of blogging in other to make good

money other take blogging as a passion in way of trying to pay away some

debts and all this can materialize when you have blogging website or

websites in other you can succeed and because of that many people adopt

blogging platforms or community to learn more about blogging and with

that they adopt various blogging tools or ideas to get full understanding of

what people really mean by blogging.Having said this it is very important to

note how advertising is very crucial when blogging  and hence the write up

ideas is very important to boost your open rate.

Even the most powerful advertising copy on the planet is useless without an effective headline.

An effective headline determines whether or not your prospective customer will read the next sentence of your sales message.

You must grab your reader’s attention with something that appeals to them

and forces them to want to learn more, otherwise you won’t make a sale.

Whether you have a successful headline or you are just starting to write

your next ad or sales letter, here are 10 Headline Writing Tips That Will

Instantly Improve Your Advertising Results:

1. Put your prospects name in your headline. Everyone wants to see their

name in “The Headlines”. This will definitely grab their attention and get

them to read your ad or sales letter.

2. “Use Quotations” around your headline. Quotation marks create the

perception that your headline is a testimonial and has credibility. And

credibility, in turn creates more believability, and this can significantly

increase response to your ad.

3. Don’t make your headline to “BIG”. Many advertisers believe that bigger

headlines get a better response. Bigger is not always better. You want your

headline to be in a readable and believable size compared to the rest of

your ad. A big headline can reduce your credibility because it looks to

“hyped up.”

4. Don’t end your headline with a period. This creates a pause in your

readers mind and they may decide to move on to something else. People

have been trained to pause at a period. But if you end your headline with

an “!” exclamation point you will ad excitement to it and your reader will

want to move forward with your ad (this is a good rule of thumb, but it’s

not a law. I’ve seen and written ads with a period in the headline and it’s

worked.) Another technique is to leave your headline open ended or use ”

…” to get them to move into your body copy.

5. Use one, two, even three subheadlines. Subheadlines below your main

headline can be very effective in building intrigue and excitement in your

reader. Each subheadline should be smaller compared to the main headline

and the subheadline before it; ultimately your reader will end up in the

main body of your ad or sales letter before they know it.

6. There are many advanced techniques for producing great headlines but

what I’ve found to be simple and effective is to use the best benefit your

product or services provides as your main headline, and then ad “How

To…” to it. For example, if your best feature as a web developer is getting

websites built and online within 3 days, the benefit of that could be…”How

To Attract New Business Worldwide While You Sleep Starting In 3 Days!”

7. If you use “$” dollar figures in your advertising use this tip: If you help

people save or make an extra $2,500 with your product or service, attach a

decimal point to it: $2,500.00. What looks like more money, $2,500 or

$2,500.00? Conversely, if you are stating a price for your product, put as few

“0’s” in the price as possible. For example, if your product costs $2,500, you

don’t want to print, “$2,500”, or “$2,500.00”. You want to print something

like $2,499. This looks less threatening.


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