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1 June, 2018
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5 Tips to Getting a Truck

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5 Tips to Getting a Truck

1- First and foremost, you need to figure out how much space you will need. A loose general rule is that a typical room of household furnishings will require approximately five feet of cargo space inside the truck. Your personal needs will vary depending on how much stuff you actually own, as compared to the normal household.

2- Once you know the approximate size of the truck you will need, you can then start to call rental companies to inquire about the sizes they have available for you. Some of the most common sizes that may need to be reserved early are the cargo van and the small cargo trucks.

3- When you are ready to reserve the truck, it is best to avoid the busy times, thus allowing yourself the widest range of vehicles and options to choose from. Try to avoid the end and the beginning of a month, most leases end and start at these times; avoiding them will help ensure that the vehicle you want will be there for you.

4- Check your personal insurance policy to ensure that you will be covered for a truck rental; many auto policies do not include this. If yours excludes this type of rental, it is a wise idea to accept the insurance that is offered by the rental company.

5- Finally, before you pull out of the parking lot after renting the truck, ask if there are directions available for the use of the vehicle. If there are, be sure to read them. If possible, try to get someone from the rental company to personally show you anything that you will need to know to complete your trip safely.


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