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5 Easy Ways To safeguard Your wards From Food Poisoning

5 Easy Ways To safeguard Your wards From Food Poisoning

Sometimes it is very sad to hear that some one has die through food

poisoning and all this is a result of food not been kept in safe place and

which may later lead to food contamination and when  an innocent person

consume such good he or she ends up getting sick of die in that process and

the question now is what measures can be put in place to ensure that food

are not contaminated and remain safe every time. Here are some of the tips

you can adopt that would ensure that your food remain safe all the time.

Over the years there have been some reported incidence of food poisoning

around the world.For instance in India there was reported cases hundreds

of school children were poison as a result of early break fast meal they took

, this and many stories about such incidence have occur over that

people.There are also unreported incidence of food poisoning around the

world some years ago and the story have never been the same again.Hence

food safety is very pivotal in our daily life.

1. Plan For Safety
Some time at home it is very important to kept food in a very safe place to

ensure that it keep safe all the time do not wash your vegetables with dirty

water.Always try your best to wash utensils before putting your vegetables

on it.And always try to heat the food very well before you decide to eat.

2. Shop Smart

Prevention of food poisoning starts with your trip to the supermarket. Pick

up your packaged and canned foods first. Buy cans and jars that look

perfect. Do the cans have dents? Don’t buy canned goods that are dented,

cracked, or bulging. These are the warning signs that dangerous bacteria

may be growing in the can. Are the jars cracked? Do they have lids that are

loose or bulging? The food may have germs that can make you sick. Look

for any expiration dates on the labels and never buy outdated food.

Likewise, check the “use by” or “sell by” date on dairy products such as

cottage cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, and sour cream and pick the ones that

will stay fresh longest in your refrigerator.

3. Store Food well
After shopping it is very very important to store your vegetables at a

favorable temperature to ensure that food store do not get contaminated

and also try to store your vegetables and left over food in the fridge and

always try to keep cook food in a safer place

4. Prepare Food well.
Wash hands and surfaces often. Sometimes people cook food and it is not

cook well it is advisable that such food is always cook well to ensure the

safety of the food all the time.It will be sad to note that people sometimes do

not cook their food in well and this and may does not help in the health of

people it is advisable to always cook the food well before trying to served to

people.If not so it can lead to food poisoning.

5. Cook Food Thoroughly
Sometimes some food need low temperature whiles other food need high

temperature it is therefore good to make an assessment to determine which

kind of food is best suit for the other to avoid that particular

food from getting unwholesome.Try to always cook the food well so that if

there is toxic  in the food it can slow.

If the above instruction is follow it will reduce the risk of poisoning and

also how it affect people daily life.


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