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4 Good And Healthy Breakfast Ideas

4 Quick And Healthy Breakfast Ideas

It is very important to know that breakfast is something that would help us

to stay healthy all the time.Sometimes you would see people who are

neglecting breakfast simple because they are so busy with their daily

activities and they pay less attention to breakfast.In my opinion it is

something which is bad for the person because breakfast plays an

important role in the healthy development of human body and it is

therefore something which should not be ignore.It is advisable to take a

good breakfast all the time to stay healthy.Also taking breakfast at it right is

very important for growth and development for both adult and children.It

is important to take different balance diet of protein in other to stay healthy

all the day long do not stick to one source of breakfast all the time.For

instance you can take tea in the morning and in the next morning day

morning you take wheat porridge with bread or oatmeal with cake all this

and more give you the healthy balance diet you need all the time in your

life.henceforth the more you take breakfast regularly the healthier you look

all the time and it is very important to stick to breakfast all the time and

never in your life to missed breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A recent study has shown

that women who skip breakfast consume an average of 100 calories more

than those who eat breakfast. Enjoying a healthy breakfast in the morning

will also keep your blood sugar levels even, which will help you stay more

alert and in a better mood.

With our busy lives, it is sometimes hard to find the time to fix breakfast in

the morning. Here are a few quick ideas that take hardly any time at all to

prepare and most of them you can carry with you and enjoy on your way to

work or when you get there.

1. Whole grain cereal with skim milk

All you need is a bowl and a spoon. This should take you about 1 minute to

prepare and 5 minutes to eat. A nice and easy breakfast idea when you are

running late.

2. Whole Wheat Bagel with Peanut Butter (add a piece of fruit)

Toast a whole-wheat bagel with some peanut butter for a filling breakfast.

Grab a piece of “portable” fruit such as an apple or a banana before you

leave the house and breakfast is done.

3. Boiled Egg Sandwich

Keep a few boiled eggs in your fridge for a protein rich and filling egg

sandwich for breakfast. Just slice the egg on some honey wheat bread and

sprinkle a little salt on top. If you’d like you can add a small amount of

mayonnaise as well.

4. Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast Smoothies were invented for busy people. Pour some milk or

yogurt and juice in your blender and toss in some berries or a banana and a

scoop of protein powder. There are many other great recipes available.

Try a few of these ideas and you’ll find yourself more alert and in a better

mood in the morning. Starting your day off right, will also help you snack

less during the day and will keep your metabolism running high. No more

excuses to skip breakfast – just spend a few minutes each morning putting

one of these meals together.


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