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4 Auto Scams You Absolutely Must Avoid!

5 Auto Scams You Absolutely Must Avoid!

Scam 1: The Window Etching Fee

Scam 2: The Dealer Preparation Fee

The dealer charges you a preparation fee to prepare your car. Some often

charge an outrageous $500 or more just to peel off the plastic protection

on the car, test drive the car and put in the fuses. Most MSRP stickers

indicate that these costs have already been covered by the manufacturer.

In fact, some car dealers permanently print it on the buyer’s order to

make it seem mandatory, but one way you can get it removed is by telling

the dealer to add a credit (of the same amount as the dealer preparation

fees) on the next line. If they refuse to do so, you should simply walk out of

the dealership.

Scam 3: The Market Adjustment Fee

In this scam, the dealer tells you that your car is a really popular vehicle,

and so to sell you the vehicle they have to add “Market Adjustment Fees”

of several thousand dollars. This amount is usually indicated on an

orange sticker next to manufacturer’s MSRP sticker. A car may be

popular, but if it is in stock, it is not worth paying extra for it. Many

buyers, especially trade-in buyers, have been ripped off before. They

focus only on what they get for their old car, and so they don’t see the big

picture. They may get an extra few thousand for their car, but they don’t

notice that they are charged a much higher Market Adjustment Fee. The

dealer sells the car, gets the trade-in, and makes an extra off the buyer.

Never pay more than the manufacturer’s MSRP.

Scam 4: The Extended Warranty Scam

The Extended Warranty scam is quite old but it is still in use. And many

people still do fall for it. Basically, when you take a loan on your car, the

dealer will say that you have to purchase an extended warranty because

the bank requires it for the loan. Avoiding this scam is very simple

actually. Tell the dealer to write down in black and white that the

extended warranty is required for the loan and they’ll most probably find

some excuse to remove the extended warranty. If they refuse to do so,

then please do not buy from that dealership. Actually, the extended

warranty is a great thing to have, but don’t ever get it from the dealer.

You can get far better deals elsewhere, especially online.Don’t get ripped

off by car dealers!


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