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10 Tips For Buying A Family Second Hand Car

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10 Tips For Buying A Family Second Hand Car

• Do some initial assessment . Find out about the type of car you are taking into considerations. Check out any known mechanical problems with that model.

• Check out the current second hand values for the car. A good place to start is www.what car .com. Also get your local paper and some of the specialist second hand car magazines and look up the prices of similar cars.

• How much will it cost you to insure the car? That’s so easy to do on the Internet – get a quote or two. It’ll just take a few minutes.

• When you go to see a car insist on seeing the registration documentation, including its MOT certificate if the car is more than 3 years old. This will also show the cars’ chassis number. Check that the documents all tallies with the car. Be sure that the person selling the car does actually own it and always see it at the seller’s own home or business premises to build your confidence.

• Make sure that the address on the Registration Document is the address where you are viewing the car – if not ask why. And do your own investigations.

• Examine the Road Tax disc. Is it still valid and do the registration number on the disc matches the Registration document?

• Ask to look at the cars’ Service Record. This will also show the cars’ chassis number and details of the first owner. If the Service record is not available, has the owner kept any of the service or repair bills?

• Now look under the bonnet and find the VIN Number (it could also be on the chassis). Check out that the VIN number tallies with the number on the Registration Document and that the number stamped on the car has not been change with. This will help to ensure that the car hasn’t had its identity changed.


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